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Customs Clearance for Yachts and Vessels

All yachts and small crafts arriving into Fiji from overseas must first report to a Customs Port of Entry.

Upon reaching pilot station, you will need to contact Port Control and request for entry into port. In the meantime, you must hoist and fly the yellow “Q” flag on the mast until cleared by Health or unless you have received a radio pratique from Health. Also, you can request assistance from Port Control to contact Port Health, Customs and, Agriculture Quarantine for Clearance upon arrival.

You will be met with officials from Port Health, Customs, and Agricultural Quarantine Division on arrival and must remain on board until the yacht has been entered.

The following documents must be presented on arrival:

  • Completed “Inward report ” (including 2 copies of crew and passengers lists)
  • Completed “Passenger arrival card”
  • Valid passport
  • Clearance from last port
  • Valid outward airline ticket if crew/passenger is disembarking at port of entry and leaving the country by air

Procedures of Yacht Entry

All yachts and crafts entering Fiji are subject to import clearance requirements and the payment of customs duty on arrival. You must note that all immigration clearance will also be done by Customs.

  1. In addition to the Advance Notice of Arrival form, the yacht Master is required to also complete two (2) sets of “Inward report ” before arrival in Fiji and is to present the completed forms to Customs.
  2. Together with the completed Inward Report Forms, the Master is required to also present the Clearance from Last Port, passports and completed “Passenger Arrival Card” of all crew and passengers and all such individuals (including infants) to Customs at time of boarding.
  3. You will need to inform Customs of any disembarking crew and reasons for disembarking.
  4. You will also be asked to complete and sign a “Notice to Owner of Yachts Declaration” before your inward clearance is granted. You will need to read and understand the contents of the Notice to Yacht Owners as any breach of any conditions may warrant heavy penalties.
  5. If you are carrying any currency and its combined value is equivalent to FJD$10,000.00, you will be required to fill in the “Border Currency Report”.

Note: All fields on all Customs forms/documents are “MANDATORY”. Non – compliance in completion of forms/documents will result in unnecessary delays in clearance and/or penalty.

Charges and Customs Duty

There are Customs Charges and Duties that are payable depending on the nature of the goods and time of clearance. Below are some charges and duty that could be levied upon arrival:

Special Attendance Fee
Customs normal working hours are from 0800 – 1300 and 1400 – 1630 hrs and any clearance done outside these working hours, are subject to the following:

        • Any Clearance done between 1630hrs and 0800hrs (Monday – Friday) – FJD$55.20
        • Any Clearance done between 1300hrs and 1400hrs (Monday – Friday) – FJD$18.40
        • Any Clearance done on Weekends and Public Holidays – FJD$76.65

All crew and passengers above the age of 17years will be allowed normal passenger landing duty free allowance of the following:

        • 2.25ltrs of Spirit or
        • 4.5ltrs of Wine or
        • 4.5ltrs of Beer, and
        • 250 sticks of Cigarettes, or
        • 250g cigar or
        • 250g tobacco, or
        • (Any combination of the above provided that it does not exceed the equivalent quantity under liquor, wine and beer, cigarette, cigar and tobacco).
Any other personal belongings up to a value of FJD$1,000.00
Any excess to the above allowance will be subject to levy of import duty and VAT or goods being detained by Customs.
Firearms and Weapons

The importation of firearms is strictly controlled in Fiji. All firearms must be declared to the Customs Officer on arrival of the vessel from overseas.

Firearms onboard will be detained and placed for safekeeping by the Fiji Police who will hold them until the vessel’s departure. Collection times for arms should be arranged with Police at least 48 hours before departure time.

The importation of weapons such as flick knives, swordsticks, knuckle-dusters and any weapon designed to give the appearance of another article is prohibited.