Naisoso Island

17°44'41.8"S 177°25'59.2"E

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Berthing at Naisoso Island Marina

The Naisoso Marina Fiji is slowly but surely taking place as development begins to pick up on the island.

The Marina has 62 Berthing spaces.

Each bigger berth has a 415V, 32amp, 3 phase plug and smaller berths has 240V, 32amp, single phase. (Same as Australia and New Zealand) and shared access to a fresh water tap on each berth.

Note that our berths are fixed so please leave enough slack in your cords and hoses to allow for the tidal range. The Fiji Electricity Authority is reasonably reliable, however can be subject to unexpected surges. It is recommended to run any valuable items through a surge protector as we do not take any responsibility for damaged items.

When coming into your berth, please be mindful of other vessels mooring lines. In particular, we ask that you be careful not to foul your propeller. Our advise – take it slow. Ease into your berth gently and don’t panic. Don’t attempt to slip into your berth if you are unsure because of strong winds or engine difficulties. You can always try again when the weather calms down or even the next morning.

In the event of a cyclone, it is highly recommended that you remove your vessel from the marina and utilise surrounding mangrove shelters. In accordance with the marina licence, you may be given eight (8) hours to vacate. If you elect to remain in the marina, you may be liable for costs should your vessel damage either the structure or another vessel.

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